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AASHIRWAD Honours- invites

Yasho Bhumi NEWS

Naresh Sonee writer of  BRAHMAND PUJAN  and  Abhijeet Rane Founder of GREAT MARATHA Organisation  both were invited as CHIEF GUESTS by ASHIRWAD  ART AND CULTURE  Director- Dr. Uma Kant Bajpai.  Brij Mohan Agarwal and  General Secretary Anant Shreemali welcomed them and all other guests.
Chief Guests Naresh Sonee and Abhjeet Rane
Abhijeet Rane is the  Founder of GREAT MARATHA Organisation [Chief Editor of Mumbai Mitra & Vrutta Mitra Newspaper -Vast Media Networks]
Naresh Sonee is the author of BRAHMAND PUJAN - [WORSHIP UNIVERSE]  and founder of Brahmand Pujan Research Foundation.
On 14-4-2011, a large gathering of renowned Hindi- Urdu- poets , song, gazal  writers from films, TV , Dignitaries from Press Media , Literary & Art turned up on this occasion organised by the  ASHIRWAD SANSTHA which is one among the oldest reputed [Govt. recognised] organisation who distinguishs and felicitates the outstanding works of peoples from Film, Arts, Literary, Press and Journalism.  
The function was presided by the Rajshri Productions [Film] – Director  Raj Kumar Barjatya who was present on this occasion till last.
Legend famous Film Lyrics Poet [ Shayyar ]  Naqsh lyall Puri orated [recited] his poems on this special occasion..

Kumar Shailendra poet [ Geetkar] , renowned poet [ shayyar]  Obed Azam Azmi ,  Sagar Tripathi and Dipti Mishr also recited their  gazals, songs  and poems  on this occasion.
Cutting from Yashobhumi.
 At present - Yashobhumi  news paper  circulation[ readership]  is  more than Navbharat times, Navbharat  and Apna Mahanagar  in Mumbai - Maharastra.

                                                             Yasho Bhumi News
                                             Yasho Bhumi News - Ashirwad Honours invites

                                                Dr. Uma Kant Bajpai Ashirwad Foundation
                                                            Film Lyrics Naqsh Layllpuri

Rajshri Production Director Raj Kumar Barjatya

       Abhjeet Rane Chief Editor Mumbai Mitra & Vrutta Mitra 


ASHIRWAD  ART & CULTURE SANSTHA [Govt Recognised ] Foundation  is established since 1977.
It is mainly protected by Gurudas Kamat- Minister of State Information Technology and Communication- Govt. of India.  
It’s present President is Former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament- Dr. Akthar Hasan Rijvi.
 Committee Advisor  is Lok Sabha Member -Sanjay Dina Patil
Chairman is-  Sanjay Nirupam Member of Parliament
Director is- Dr. Umakant Bajpai

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